Our services of digitalizating the energy sector

The virtual power station.

VGLSY Bilanzgruppe EIC:12X-0000001934-0

With the head office in Aarau Switzerland, Virtual Global Systems Inc. «VGLSY» is authorized system provider, an engineering and production company of embedded devices for read-out, control and regulation of decentralized units.

VGLSY uses the technology in order to pool the adjustable flexibilities from bigger consumers and decentralized producers. The virtual plant of VGLSY coordinates and controls without restricting participants with regard to their own core business. VGLSY markets the won primary, secondary and tertiary balancing power optimally.

How we support you.

Analyze you portfolios
By means of opening up complexes
Primary, secondary and tertiary regulation
Assistance in acquisition
Portal, training for the running
Calculation of marketing
Offer and preparation of contract
Assumption of prequalification
Marketing of auction
Assumption of risk
Clarification of feasibility
Linkage to Pool

Overview of the system services.

Tertiary control energy

Reaction time 15 minutes

Tertiary control reserves is being used for replacement of the secondary control reserve and with that for restoration of an sufficient secondary control band. A tertiary control reserve is primarily necessary to compensate larger and longer countinuous control deviation, particularly after production loss or unforeseen prolonged load change. The activation occurs through the Swissgrid Dispatcher by means of special electronically transmitted call message to operators. Afterwards, these have to ensure the delivery of tertiary energy within 15 minutes by means of intervention in the plant production independently from the schedule.

Secondary control energy

Reaction time 30 seconds

The secondary control serves the maintaining of a forced energy exchange of a control area with the remaining UCTE alliance at simultaneously integral support of the frequence at 50 Hz. In case of an imbalance beween the production and the consumption, the secondary control performance will be automatically called at the connected power plants. These power plants have to be in operation as precondition, but shouldn't create the maximum or minimum possible rated power, to be able to fulfil the requests from the central network control at any time. Die Sekundärregelung dient der Einhaltung des gewollten Energieaustauschs einer Regelzone mit dem übrigen UCTE-Verbund bei gleichzeitig integraler Stützung der Frequenz bei 50 Hz. Im Falle eines Ungleichgewichtes zwischen Erzeugung und Verbrauch wird Sekundärregelleistung durch den zentralen Netzregler automatisch bei den eingebundenen Kraftwerken abgerufen. Als Voraussetzung müssen diese Kraftwerke in Betrieb stehen, dürfen aber nicht die maximal oder minimal mögliche Nennleistung erzeugen, um jederzeit die Anforderungen des zentralen Netzreglers erfüllen zu können. Der Einsatz der Sekundärregelung beginnt nach wenigen Sekunden und ist typischerweise nach 15 Minuten abgeschlossen. Falls die Ursache für die Regelabweichung nach 15 Minuten noch nicht beseitigt ist, wird die Sekundärregelung von der Tertiärregelung abgelöst.

Primary control energy

Real time / Frequency controlled

Die Primärregelung gewährleistet die Wiederherstellung des Gleichgewichtes zwischen Erzeugung und Verbrauch nach Störeinwirkungen innerhalb von Sekunden. Die Frequenz wird dabei im Bereich der zulässigen Grenzwerte stabilisiert. Die Aktivierung erfolgt direkt in den Kraftwerken mittels Turbinenregler. Dabei wird die Frequenz des Netzes überwacht und bei Abweichungen unmittelbar die notwendige Primärregeleistung aktiviert. Alle in der UCTE vertretenen Übertragungsnetzbetreiber müssen in ihrem Land die Vorgaben gemäss den UCTE-Regeln erfüllen: Die zu jedem Zeitpunkt vorzuhaltende Menge an Primärregelleistung wird jährlich gemäss den Vorgaben der ENTSO-E angepasst (in der Schweiz sind dies stets ungefähr 70 MW bei einer Frequenzabweichung von ±200 mHz).

We are active in these areas



Data centre

Transport services

Pharma/Chemical Industry



Branches Building/Cement

Mountain Railway

Energy/distribution network operator


Water supply





The basic requirement is having a performance of at least 200 kW


Primary regulation
Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation

Emergency generators

Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation

BTTPS / heat pumps

Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation


Tertiary regulation

Wood heating power stations

Tertiary regulation


Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation

Pumped-storage hydroelectricity plants

Primary regulation
Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation

Hydro plants

Primary regulation
Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation

Bio gas systems

Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation

Climate & ventilations

Tertiary regulation


Secondary regulation
Tertiary regulation

Solar equipments

Tertiary regulation






Your market access.

Our clients receive an access to the electricity market over the VG-Trading portal in real time

The Virtual Global Trading Portal opens an absolute, transparent access to the European electricity market to our clients without creating a huge expenditure with regard to the infrastructure or personal. Our user-friendly and safe platform makes the optimization of the electricity demand by the means of the amount as well as of the price, precise running of the balance group also shortly before the time of delivery, the direct marketing of copmlexes, the automatized processing of all electricity business as well as the technical support in recording real counter values in the form of devices and interfaces possible.
It is also possible to get services like price and weather prognose model over the platform. Moreover, the clients make profit at all of these themes from a competent advice.