Our innovation, your advantage

Innovation through Virtual Global Systems

Dynamic Pricing

We break the mould with our attempt at the energy invoicing and cover spcifically needs of our clients which can be described as solidarity and partnership. VGLSY set standards in the area of load optimization as well as in arrangement, control and communication technology with its product range.

The model of dynamic pricing was especially devlopped for offering products like peak demand optimization in contracting. The distribution network operator or the energy supplying company can also earn if the client could save network costs. Therefore, it is in double-sided interest to decrease the peak demand locally. Through this, a trust on both sides and a strong customer loyality can be formed.

Inter Pipe Communication

In the course of modernization and digitalization, VGLSY has developped an own concept of communication between servers and processes which is versatile, redundant, flexible, fast and fail-safe.
Besides, the protocol allows a bidirectional data exchange between processes (independent from place and hardware). The protocol is versatile and lets itself transfer and visualize ideally.

By means of HTML-Templates, Controls can let itself easily and web-based visualize and can immediately interact with the protocol over a safe connection with all necessary services and processes. A webserver won't be necessary to host web applications. The protocol can be encoded, runs on IoT devices, servers, mobile devices and on every browser.

Model Predictive Controller

Prognosis are more important in the energy world than in the fincancial world. A good prognosis can decide between success and failure, between stability and instability, between gain and loss. VGLSY has created a dynamic algorithm of pedictions of short-term as wells as long-term prgnosis.
The datasources can be put together flexibly.

The algorithm calculates the optimal prognosis function out of the compilation. This will be calculated continually and adapts itself to new conditions independently. VGLSY has designed a self-omptimizing regulator, which is easy and simple to install and reacts to environmental and economical changes, with the own MPC Controller.

Software Development

Nowadays, VGLSY uses their own-developped framework for new software developments. This framework is based on a self-developped protocol. It makes the concept and production of networked systems easier and offers the maximum of flexibility and redundancy as well as scalability and resource allocation. Moreover, it enables distributing processes and tasks independently of hardware andplace.

All systems at processing measuring datas in real-time, at creating prognosis and schedules, at controling and regulating decentralized complexes, as well as the monitoring, the visualization and the calculating services and energies run on the basis of this own development.

Hardware Development

VGLSY developy hardwares in theare of IoT, telecontrol and telecommunication. Furthermore, VGLSY is specialized in building embedded devices for industrial, automatization and stand alone applications. All components will be chosen with biggest care to create high-quality products. New networked products alows itself to be realized within the shortest period of time in interplay with our software framework.