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3rd floor
Rain 35
5000 Aarau

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Footpath from Aarau train station: 10 minutes by foot

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The entry is at the main street at the SUVA building


01.10.2019 Launch of Virtual Global Trading AG

Launch of business operations for Virtual Global Trading

01.09.2019 Battery storage system tool

Analysing tool for load profiles with optimal calculation of battery storage systems for our partners and their customers

01.05.2019 More than 210 complexes in the flexibility pool

Platform extension for battery system prosumer - internal consumption communities

01.03.2019Platform Extension

Platform extension for big batterysystems with primary, secondary, own consumtion and peak load optimization including reactive current compensation

01.01.2019Start NGEN

NGEN - Start of development for the VGLSY platform

01.10.2018Partnership NGEN

Partnership with NGEN for the countries Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary

17.09.2018 Foundation of Virtual Global Trading AG

Foundation of Virtual Global Trading AG

01/01/2018 Over 168 complexes connected

VGLS developped over 168 complexes with a performance of TRL + 143 MW, TRL – 120 MW und SRL 12 MW. VGLS runs emergency generators, BTTPS, heat pumps, PV complexes, bio gas systems, wood heating power stations, incinerators, pumps, compressors and hydro plants today.

12/12/2017 Authorization of secondary control at swissgrid

VGLS overcame the obstacle of prequalification. The developmanent of the secondary complexes occurs with optical fibre cable. The fail safe in comparison with the locations of swissgrid is 99.995 %.

15/11/2016 Swiss ICT Award Finalist

VGLS was honoured as a newcomer finalist at Swiss ICT Award 2016. VGLS is self-financed and is in the black. By the end of 2016, VGLS developped 67 complexes with a total performance amount of TRL + 52 MW, TRL – 43 MW.

07/01/2016 Development and Prequalification of the first PV-Complexes in Switzerland.

«EKZ, Energie 360° and Virtual Global Systems are the first supplier of system services in Switzerland, who stabilize the network with photovoltaik complexes and use those commercially», explains Aby Chacko, an expert for system services from swissgrid, the meaning of the pinoeer projects.

02/11/2015 Start of the virtual power plant - Prequalification TRL

Virtual Global Systems Inc. has received the authority for tertiary control by swissgrid. VGLS could develop the first 16 client complexes, test and prequalify 5 MW positive teritary control energy. The virtual power plant was fully developped on their own.

01/06/2014 Foundation of Virtual Global Systems Inc. (VGLS)

The VGLS was founded by Mr. Christoph Moser, Gregor Martinovic and Urs Seeholzer. The founders collaborate actively on the company.