BESS Battery storage systems

Virtual Global Systems is your partner for ideal solutions.
The demand for battery storage systems is huge at this point in time. Future-oriented distribution network operators and customer from the industry use battery systems to reduce the net upholstery peak for suppliers of inputs. With that, the personal consumption is being optimated and the wattless current being compensated.

We analyze your annual load profile and calculate the optimal capacity of the battery storage system and the the resulted potential saving of it. Virtual Global Systems offers complete systems as general contractor and make additional income from the primary, secondary and tertiary market.

Information of our complete systems:
picture_as_pdf BESS_Tesla.pdf
picture_as_pdf BESS_Fenecon.pdf
picture_as_pdf BESS_Alfen.pdf
picture_as_pdf BESS_TesVolt.pdf
picture_as_pdf BESS_Siemens.pdf

Energy conformer (Power to Heat)

Virtual Global Systems Inc. is looking for efficient and sustainable solutions for stabilizing Swiss highest mains power. The people have voiced their opinion for the energy transition with the taking on an energy strategy. Reusable energies are volatile electricity generators that arranges itself to suit wind and weather. This volatility leads to problems at the transmission system.
Exactly for opposing these problems of short-period excess energy in the network, you can obtain an energy conformer (Power to Heat) from us.

The energy conformer finds place in a standard container and will be used in secondary control. The fed energy will be converted in to warmth and handed over to the district heating network. Thus, that the heat exchanger is adjustable, the entire performance can be used.

Example: Energy conformer in the area of a refuse incineration plant.
picture_as_pdf SRL_Conformer.pdf

Telecontrol / Interfaces

We claim ourselves as independent and flexible supplier throught the focus of self-development of Hard & Software.